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the Rohingya people


In Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country, there has lived an ethnic group named the Rohingya in the state of Rakhine. The Rohingya have never even been given the rights of Myanmar citizenship or rights as humans, for that matter. Living without education, vaccination, or any form of government benefits, the Rohingya have been subject to systematic lynching, rape, and arson; innocent families slaughtered like animals. This is the biggest genocide since Adolf Hitler came to power yet many people are ignorant on this topic. It’s been going on for centuries but you don’t know about it. WHY!?

They have been treated in these horrific ways for the past couple of centuries by the collaborative efforts of the Myanmar government and Buddhist extremist groups, just because they are religiously and ethnically different. The government’s excuse for this carnage was that the Rohingya were all “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh, even though they have been living in Myanmar for the past 200 years! In 2016, the Myanmar army and Buddhist extremists gave the Rohingya three options: leave the country, convert, or die a brutal death.

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Not wanting to lose their individuality and fearing their lives, most of the Rohingya unwillingly fled. Bangladesh, being Myanmar’s neighboring country, received these terrified refugees and has been giving them shelter ever since this incident occurred. By 2018, an estimated population of 625,000 Rohingya had crossed over to Bangladesh.

As of now, that number is well over 2 million. More continue to arrive. Bangladesh is 66 times smaller than America and has a population of only 3 times smaller than America making it the world’s most densely populated country. Now, all of Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees are being crammed in a small Bengali province called Cox’s Bazaar.


Bangladesh, already being financially unstable, is less than able to supply the refugees with basic needs, and is barely keeping them alive. We have partnered with a non-profit organization called Health Management Bangladesh Foundation which is working to provide the refugees with healthcare, food, clothes, and education.

100% of your donation goes to benefit the Rohingya refugees within Bangladesh. This is your chance to acknowledge a global atrocity and make a difference. Take it and improve the lives of your fellow humans.

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